Creating captivating experiences through a carefully curated selection of music is my main focus on every set i play.
With a primary focus on Deep House and Old School Hip Hop, crowds can also experience a night of Latin, Disco Funk , Drum and Bass, Trip Hop and Downbeat.
Through my sets, I aim to transport the audience on a captivating journey that engages their minds and compels their bodies to move to the irresistible beats. Get ready to embark on a sonic adventure.

PAUL HARD is mixing up the scene together with DJ HANDTRIKS in their legendary sets performing as "BEATS FOR BREAD".

Previous Locations

Volksgarten Wien, Sub Zero, P1, Roxy, Viper Room, Camera Club, WUK, Arena, Europa-Lager, Schikaneder, Sansibar, ...

Cafe Del Mar(ID), KU-DE-TA (ID), Double Six Rooftop(ID), Paddy's (ID), Ruby Skye (US), ...


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